Clean Energy from Ambient Heat


The Monothermal is a multi-layer laminate that generates electrical current in the presence of ambient heat.

What if plugging in your cell phone became a rarity? What if your car actually created energy and fed it back to the engine or the onboard electronics as you were driving? Can you imagine rarely having to charge your iPod? Or maybe you'd like it if the heat produced by all of your home appliances – and even the body heat generated in your home – could be captured and used to create energy that would drastically lower your utility bill.

These are just some of the exciting possibilities . . . with the
Monothermal Laminate Graphic
Simple, efficient, inexpensive. This graphic illustrates the basic construction of the Monothermal laminate. Polyvinyl acetate
(functioning as a
polymeric binder) is the only other
component required to construct the Monothermal.
Monothermal Prototype Photo
Early Monothermal working prototype, production
date 17 August 1995. Test units worked uninterrupted for more than a decade, powering LCD clocks and a tabletop fan in a
room-temperature environment.
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Monothermal Logotype