Microballast: Versatility & Superiority 


The Microballast is an efficient, inexpensive, and versatile solution for virtually any type of fluorescent lamp or fixture. The illustrations below detail the design aspects of the Microballast and describe its advantages relative to one product in the fluorescent market: The Bright Stik® from General Electric. Click on either image to compare the two approaches.
Bright Stik Graphic
Microballast Tape
An analysis of the Bright Stik® reveals a needlessly complex structure when compared to the Microballast. The Bright Stik® “ballast” consists of wound wire substrates molded directly into the fiberglass component, adding weight and bulk to the product. Furthermore, resistor wires must be jump-connected at both ends of the design, resulting in more complexity and additional locations for potential product failure. Finally, the lamp is quickly attached to the ballast with a few dollops of glue inserted into the manufactured channel.

By contrast, the Microballast embodiment of such a design eliminates the complexity in favor of simplicity and lighter weight. Unlike the G. E. product, there are no resistor wires on the ends to jump-connect; the “ballast” structure is eliminated in favor of the 8 mil Microballast tape; and the profile of the final product is commensurately reduced. Finally, in place of glue and plastic there is a simple electromagnetic interaction between the bulb and the Microballast itself – which could even be located inside the lamp housing if desired.

The Microballast can replace the more expensive and cumbersome ballast designs currently utilized in virtually every fluorescent fixture or lamp. All lamp types, including T5, T8, and T12, are easily adaptable.

Below is a slideshow presentation of the Microballast installed and in action on various lamp types. Click on an image to begin.
Microballast Copper Compact Fluorescent
Microballast Wire Compact Fluorescent
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